Moving to the country

Why do people who move to the country / suburbs complain about the animals that eat their non-native plants or dig up their yards? Why didn’t they just stay in the damn city?!?
And why do those same people bitch about how dark it is in the country and then insist that the township install streetlights one every corner?!?
If you don’t appreciate country living…GO BACK TO THE CITY!!!

iPhone Sport and Nutrition Apps

Here’s an article I came across looking for iPhone apps for sport and nutrition tracking. It’s a bit dated but there are some interesting looking apps listed for food, activity and general wellness tracking and planning.


Walmart Family Cell Phone Plan – Fair Warning!

Just a heads up regarding the Walmart family cell service provided by T-Mobile – BEWARE!  This service was marketed to me as a “pay-for-play” sort of service.  This sounded reasonable.  I purchased a phone and a month plan for a family member in need then simply let it lapse.

Well, the next thing I know I’m getting bills for more than one month service.  The telephone service people were less than helpful and simply stated over and over that the service is a “back paid” service that keeps billing until you contact them to stop it.  The only problem is they make it nearly impossible to contact them!  More to come….